When I was a kid in NJ one neighbor family were musicians and had an fine string quartet. This lead to an interest in flute lessons and participation in choral readings. I must have at least started with innate relative pitch, for the intervals only needed to be named to me once. Later on there were local orchestras, NJ Allstate Chorus, singing lessons, flute lessons. Since moving to Canada I have sung as section lead in various choirs, coached a few, sung in small vocal ensembles, COC Chorus, played flute in Greek coffee houses, given flute and vocal instruction, tuned pianos, published a few items for other people. Recently I've tasted jazz and more recently free improvisation. I taught at Music Trends (voice, piano, winds, strings, guitar) for a couple of years.
I am interested in microtonality and other questions of tuning and temperament; see http://www.huygens-fokker.org/index_en.html.